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Cotton Care

Cotton Care

Did you know that cotton reacts to water and temperature in a similar way as our hair?

Just like the strands of hair on our head, cotton fibers open up when exposed to hot water, constrict and seal up when exposed to cold water, and become brittle and fragile when soaked.

Why are we sharing this? Because it's helpful to know when you're washing your cloth diapers!

Here are some tips for caring for your cloth diapers to ensure they live a nice long life:
  • Never soak your cloth diapers in anything, not even plain water. It weakens the fabric fibers leading to premature degradation, holes and tears. 
  • Avoid cold water in your laundry cycles. It causes the cotton strands to clam up, thereby sealing in all the ammonia and bacteria you're trying to wash away. Instead, use warm water in cycle 1 to gently prep the fabric for cleaning, and hot water in cycle 2 to open those fibers up allowing the detergent and water in for a deep power wash. 
  • If you’re trying to combat stains, you can run an Optional Refresh with a bit of chlorine bleach (link to instructions), or you can lay your slightly damp diapers in the sun for a natural bleaching (it’s like magic, I swear).
For detailed instructions on how to wash cloth diapers, visit our How It Works page. Be sure to also check out our How-To videos, including the super-nerdy one about Laundry Science. 🤓