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Arrival Digital Zine

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Designed by artist Reyna Noriega as part of our new Limited Edition collection, Arrival is a guide for modern parents featuring tips, essays, recipes and more from experts across all areas of birth and baby-raising. All proceeds go to Every Mother Counts.
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  • Arrival is Esembly's Zine inspired by the nuances of motherhood, designed by artist Reyna Noriega as part of our new Limited Edition Collection. With experts across all areas of birth and baby-raising (e.g. doulas, sleep experts, activists and more), Arrival is a guide that helps modern parents navigate this new time while remaining true to themselves and their values. Arrival dives into the minds of many doulas along their journey — some committed to decolonizing the practice, others experiencing birth themselves; it features quick tips on how to check in with yourself post birth, and how to foster your creative side as a parent; it details a cozy recipe and insight on feeding; and deconstructs parental mental health through myth busters and sleep advice.

    Contributors include: Megan Davidson (BrooklynDoula), Dr. Harvey Karp (Happiest Baby), Djali Alessandra Brown-Cepeda (Ancestral Alchemy), Samantha Huggins and Domino Kirke-Badgley (Carriage House Birth), Conz Preti (Motherly), Kate Hintz-Zambrano (Mother Mag), Amanda Jane Jones (Kinfolk), Elise Peterson (COOL MOMS), Synmia Rosine (@synmiarosine), Yolanda Owens (Black Lactation Circle), Eden Grinshpan (@edeneats), Simone Toomer (Wombs and Wisdom), Lulu Brud (@ladyluofthewolves), Myleik Teele (@myleik), Celine Semaan (Slow Factory), Adriana Carrig (Little Words Project), Simmone Taitt (Poppy Seed Health), Cyndi Ramirez (Chillhouse), and, of course, Liz Turrigiano (Esembly).

    100% of the money collected from the sale of Arrival will go to Every Mother Counts as they work to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere.

    This is a digital product. You will receive a download link immediately following your purchase.

  • Reyna Noriega is a Miami-based Black and Afro-Latina visual artist, author, and educator who works across a variety of mediums, from graphic design, to painting, digital illustration, and photography. Her multidisciplinary practice is devoted to highlighting and uplifting women, and to helping them heal and find happiness.

  • Esembly's contribution partner for Arrival is Every Mother Counts, an international organization dedicated to equitable maternal health. EMC recognizes that historically oppressive systems permeate motherhood. Income inequality, racism and a lack of coverage and access are but a few of the factors their team focuses on tackling to ensure more mothers receive the care they need. In order to access Arrival, Esembly will be charging $5.00 that will go fully to EMC; as well as 3% of each limited edition product purchase.