From Trash to Treasure

From Trash to Treasure

Did you know that Esembly Skincare packaging, Outers and storage bags are all made of recycled plastic bottles? It’s true! We’re turning trash into treasure! We're committed to producing as little virgin plastic waste as possible with a goal to completely eliminate it from our product line by 2024.

Read on to learn more about PCR plastic, how it’s made, and why it’s better for your family and the planet.

Plastic Trash


What is PCR?

PCR stands for Post Consumer Recycled or Post Consumer Resin. PCR plastic is made from recycled plastic that is reprocessed and used to create something new. By giving recycled bottles a second life we reduce the need to create new plastic.


How is it made?

PCR plastic is made by recycling used plastic materials. The recycling process begins by collecting post-consumer plastic waste (such as plastic bottles) from homes and businesses. The bottles are then sorted (by material and color), deep cleaned and sanitized, then shredded. The tiny pellets or flakes are melted down and either molded into packaging containers or spun into yarn for fabric.

Clear PCR Flakes

Can Esembly PCR packaging be recycled?

YES, the PCR we use for our packaging CAN be recycled. But this is not true of all PCR. During each recycling process, the materials can begin to lose their substance/quality, which is why there are high-grade recyclates and low-grade recyclates. If you are purchasing non-Esembly products made of PCR check the package or with the manufacturer to find out if it is recyclable.


Why is it better for the planet than regular plastic?

It is estimated that over 30 billion bottles of water are sold every year in the US. And that’s JUST water and JUST one country! We must find a way to repurpose this plastic. By upcycling it and converting it into new products we prevent it from filling our landfills and littering our waterways.

The PCR we use at Esembly is made from plastic that already exists. So not only are we using a material we already struggle to get rid of to protect the planet, we are using 60% less energy and fossil fuels by repurposing than we would by creating virgin plastic.

PCR is a readily available material, the more demand for it we can create, the more incentive there is to improve community recycling programs.

Plastic water bottle on beach

Does it look different than regular plastic?

In the case of our fabric, no. You can not tell the difference between conventional polyester and the fabric we loom of 100% recycled plastic. If you compare our old skincare packaging to our PCR skincare packing though, you will likely see the difference. The PCR packaging has a very slight grey cast to it that the virgin packaging did not. We think it’s a small price to pay for reducing plastic waste!

Is it BPA free?

Yes! Our PCR is BPA- free.


Is PCR the perfect environmental solution?

No. But as we continue to work to find an even more eco-friendly packaging solution that can safely contain our oily balms, creams and cleansers — we are proud to have them packaged in recycled and recyclable material.