From Diaperkind to Esembly

Esembly was born in 2020, but our story actually starts in Brooklyn in 2009 when we launched a diaper laundering service called Diaperkind.

Created for NYC families who wanted to use cloth diapers but didn't have access to a washer and dryer at home, our diaper service caught on quickly and attracted hundreds of customers in its first year.

In the decade that followed, we washed hundreds of millions of cloth diapers, worked with thousands of new families, and learned everything there is to know about laundry science, diaper design and the wants and needs of modern parents.

It was while washing over 15,000+ cloth diapers per week that we realized we had the secret sauce! We had learned how to make cloth diapering simpler than the big bad internet made it out to be, and we wanted to share that with families not just in NYC where our service was - but all over the world!

And so the idea for Esembly was born. We took everything we’d learned from running our diaper service and crafted a complete reusable cloth diapering system that gives new families ALL the tools they need to diaper easily and effectively on their own in their own homes.

The best part of all of this? Our diaper service families were along for the ride! They were our inspiration and our early testers, and when it came time to raise money to bring Esembly to life, a couple of hundred Diaperkind families invested (actual money!) and are now our partners in Esembly.

So you can see that while Esembly as a brand is fairly new on the block, our experience in the cloth diapering world goes back over 15 years.

Esembly is currently run by a small team of 8 hard-working gals. We’re passionate about sustainability, and babies, and helping the grown-ups who raise them!

We hope you'll join us in our movement to Live Less Disposably™

(check out the video below for a blast from our past)