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Reef, Dragonfruit and Arrival

Reef, Dragonfruit and Arrival

We've partnered with artist Reyna Noriega on two Limited Edition prints (Reef and Dragonfruit) and a new Esembly Zine, Arrival. All sales of Arrival and 3% of every diaper collection purchase will go to Every Mother Counts, an organization dedicated to equitable maternal health.

Reyna Noriega is a Miami-based Afro-Latina author, educator and visual artist. For her, art has always been a tool by which she could dive deeper into herself. The joy and clarity it brings her has led her to devote her work to help others heal and find happiness wherever they stand. She seeks to represent the beauty and vibrance of women and fill the world with fine art of said women so that they can feel represented in those spaces.

We are thrilled to feature Reyna’s original designs on our Limited Edition Outers, Day Bags and Petite Pouches, along with our new digital zine, Arrival.

Arrival is Esembly's Zine inspired by the nuances of motherhood, entirely designed and illustrated by Reyna Noriega. With experts across all areas of birth and baby-raising (e.g. doulas, sleep experts, activists and more), Arrival helps modern parents navigate this new time while remaining true to themselves and their values. From pro tips and personal essays to recipes, Arrival features words from Amanda Jane Jones, Djali Alessandra Brown- Cepeda, Dr. Harvey Karp, Eden Grinshpan, Celine Semaan, and more.
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