Laundry Bundle

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Combat stains and stink naturally with our Laundry Bundle! Includes a refillable 3lb Washing Powder Canister, 6lb Refill Bag and set of 4 Agitator balls.

Combat stains and stink naturally with our Laundry Bundle! Includes a refillable 3lb Washing Powder Canister, 6lb Refill Bag and set of 4 Agitator balls.

1 Washing Powder Canister: 3 lbs / 1.36 kgs, 48 scoops of detergent

1 Washing Powder Refill Bag: 6 lbs / 2.72 kgs, 96 scoops of detergent

Set of 4 Agitators

Washing Powder:
Our PATENTED* Washing Powder is everything you'll need to deep clean your most heavily soiled laundry naturally.

Specially formulated to power-clean cloth diapers, just think what it can do for the rest of your household laundry!

Our clean-rinsing, mineral based formula is powerful yet gentle on baby skin and our planet. Formulated by experts to deep clean cloth diapers. It also works magic on spit-up covered baby clothes, stained big kid clothes, sweaty athletic wear, stinky pet beds, funky towels, bedding and all other household laundry. There is simply no better all-natural laundry detergent out there.

Biodegradable and free of fragrance, dye, parabens, optical brighteners, phosphates, and SLS/SLES. 

Canisters and scoops are made of 100% recycled plastic and should be recycled with plastic and glass when finished using. Refill Bags are made of recycled paper with a thin, PCR laminate, when empty recycle as you would a milk carton.

Made in the USA. Pat. No. 11,365,378

Our silicone washer dryer balls pack a punch in the washing machine and dryer. As your washer spins, the Agitators pound into the fabric, forcing soil and stains to the surface, making it easy for the Washing Powder to carry them away. In the dryer, Agitators lift and separate the fabric allowing hot air to flow more efficiently, helping dry your laundry quickly. The bumps and spikes on the balls massage the fabric so it comes out softer and fluffier. Agitators are made from environmentally-friendly silicone and come 4 balls per pack.

Washing Powder and Agitators are formulated/designed for use in standard and HE washing machines.

Washing cloth diapers: Every 2-3 days, load your Agitators cloth diapers, wipes, liners and accessories into the washing machine. Add one scoop* of Washing Powder, set the water temperature to warm and run your machine’s shortest cycle.

Without removing the cloth diapers or accessories from the washer, add two scoops* of Washing Powder, change the water temp to hot and run on your machine’s longest, heaviest duty cycle.

Always sprinkle the Washing Powder directly onto laundry. Do not dispense into detergent cups or drawers.

When moving Inners from washer to dryer, shake them open to reduce dry time. Be sure to transfer your 4 Agitators to the dryer as well!

*A navy blue scoop is provided with the Washing Powder Canister. If you lose your scoop, you can use a measuring spoon. 1 scoop = 2TBS

For more detailed laundering instructions, visit our How it Works page.

For all other baby and household laundry: Use 1-2 scoops of Washing Powder depending on load size and soil level along with your 4 Agitator balls. Follow garment care instructions found on tag for water temperature and wash cycle.

Washing Powder: Sodium carbonate (CAS # 497-19-8), sodium sulfate (CAS # 7757-82-6), sodium percarbonate (CAS # 15630-89-4), hydrous sodium silicate (CAS # 133-09-8), ethoxylated alcohols c12-13 (CAS # 66455-14-9), ethoxylated alcohols c12-15 (CAS # 68131-39-5)
*Our Washing Powder formula is free of 1,4 Dioxane

Agitators are made of 100% Silicone