Artist Collection

Three gorgeous new print designs hand-painted by Sara Boccaccini Meadows to celebrate our Earth and community


A waterproof cloth diaper cover that layers over our absorbent Inner to make a blowout-proof diaper. Can also be used on its own as a reusable swim diaper.

Day Bag

The perfect wet bag for getting out with your baby and cloth diapers. Two waterproof pockets keep your cleans and dirties safely separate.

Ditty Bag Duo

A set of 2 drawstring wet bags designed to contain cloth diapers, swimsuits,  toiletries, and all of your other messy, leak-prone necessities.

Bowl Caps

Kiss plastic wrap goodbye and cover up your leftovers with our waterproof, machine-washable, Bowl Caps. Simple, stylish and sustainable!

Snack + Sammy

Made of recycled plastic bottles, this set of 2 reusable pouches are the perfect earth-friendly ziplock alternative for lunchboxes and diaper bags.

Paperless Towels

Our ultra-absorbent, organic cotton Paperless Towels will tackle your messiest messes without making more trash. Roll of 12. Available with or without Set accessories.


Our silicone Sippers have a secret! They 'unzip' for easy deep cleaning. Set of 4 reusable straws. Available with or without waterproof travel pouch.

Carryall Bag

A waterproof tote bag for schlepping everything you need for a trip to the market or a day at the beach. Folds up into its own front pocket for easy transport.

Meet Sara

Sara Boccaccini Meadows is a British-born artist living in NYC with her daughter. Her paintings draw on her relationship to nature and her community. She is a longtime supporter of climate action and women’s rights and is dedicated to using her art to make a difference.