Baby Shower Bundle

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Every day more than 3,000 TONS of paper towels are trashed in the US alone. It takes 51,000 trees to replace a single day's worth of paper towel waste! If every household committed to using just one less roll per week, we’d save over 28 MILLION trees per year. We can do this.

Our organic cotton Paperless Towels are not only more eco-friendly than their disposable counterparts, they function better too! Paperless Towels are soft, sturdy and highly absorbent. They won’t fall apart under the weight of a messy task. Perfect for everything from sopping up spills to wiping windows. Even better, Paperless Towels can be used multiple times before needing to be washed. Simply use, rinse, wring out and drape dry. 

We know breaking habits can be hard, that’s why we designed our Paperless Towels to mimic the look and functionality of the paper towel rolls you’re used to. They come prerolled on a reusable roll. Don't throw away the roll after you pull your last towel. Instead, wash, dry and reroll them up! Our reusable paper towel roll is compatible with any standard paper towel holder. 

Reducing waste is surely a perk, but so is saving money! As opposed to buying roll after roll after roll, purchase Paperless Towels once and use them for years to come.

Wondering what to do with your dirty towels while they await laundry day? Our Paperless Towel Set option comes complete with 12 towels, a reusable roll, a waterproof Ditty Bag and a sticky hook to hang the bag under the sink. Simply toss your used towels into the Ditty Bag as you go and then launder the whole thing next time you do a load. Paperless Towels (and the Ditty Bag) are washer/dryer safe. (Not interested in the set? No problem! You can purchase the towels only on the roll)

Paperless Towels are available on their own with 12 organic cotton towels and 1 reusable roll or as a Set with 12 organic cotton towels, 1 reusable roll, 1 waterproof Ditty Bag for collecting used towels and 1 sticky hook for hanging the bag under the sink.

  • 12 organic cotton towels
  • 1 reusable roll
  • 1 waterproof Ditty Bag for collecting used towels and 
  • 1 sticky hook for hanging the bag under the sink

Not interested in the set? Paperless Towels are also available on their own with 12 organic cotton towels and 1 reusable roll.

Paperless Towels can be stored on their reusable roll (compatible with any paper towel holder) or stacked in a clean, dry spot in your kitchen. Hang waterproof Ditty Bag under counter or near sink using provided sticky hook. Use towels as needed to sop up spills, dry dishes, clean windows, wipe sticky toddler faces, and more. Reuse multiple times before laundering by rinsing and draping to dry. When soiled, toss in waterproof Ditty Bag to await laundering. Wash and dry towels and bag together with other household laundry (like colors and fabrics). 

Hand or Machine wash. For best results, launder with Esembly Washing Powder

Remove heavy stains with chlorine or chlorine-free bleach as needed. Ditty Bag is colorfast and can withstand the bleach wash so no need to separate it.

Dry in the dryer on medium high heat or line dry.

Made of:
Towels are made of 100% Organic Cotton.
Ditty Bag is made of upcycled polyester TPU (derived from recycled plastic bottles).
Reusable Roll is made of 100% recycled paper

Our unique fabrics are GRS and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified. Free of lead, BPA, PVC, and phthalates, they are independently tested to meet both US and EU Standards for Food Safety.

Reusable Roll is 11” tall (compatible with all paper towels holders)
Towels each measure 12” x 14”*
Ditty Bag measures: 10” x 11”

*Some shrinkage is to be expected and has been accounted for in/ terms of roll compatibility. After repeated washing and drying, towels will measure approx 11” x 12”

Made in:
Made Responsibly in China