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A 2-pack of super-absorbent diaper boosters for when baby (and you!) begin sleeping more than 6 hours at a time.

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Give your nighttime diaper a boost by adding an Overnighter insert. It’s made from eight layers of thirsty organic cotton and one layer of “stay-dry” fleece to keep your baby feeling comfortable through the night.

Made responsibly in Pakistan.

Once your baby is sleeping in 6-8 hour stretches, we recommend having 2–4 Overnighters.

Once your baby is sleeping in stretches of 6-8 hours, we recommend adding an Overnighter at night.

Simply lay an Overnighter—fleece side up, so that it’s touching baby’s skin—inside your Inner.

Put the Inner and Outer on as usual.

Wash Overnighters with your Inners and Outers following the Esembly Wash Instructions.

For more detailed info on how to use your Overnighters, visit our How it Works page.

Ingredients: certified organic cotton, fleece

Size: One size (pack of 2)

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