Creating Content and Beauty

Creating Content and Beauty

Tyler is a content creator and Esembly mama. We just love her gorgeous imagery and thoughtful captions. Tyler was kind enough to take time out of her busy life to chat with us about her journey into motherhood and her unique perspective on career and family.

NOTE BEFORE READING: the interview below includes a personal story about stillbirth.

Esembly: Such an honor to chat with you, Tyler. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Tyler: My name is Tyler Whitley, Mommaprenuer of 3 three and a devoted wife. Born and raised in Washington, DC. I am the Owner of the illustrious Face&Body Atelier, Beauty Aficionado and Content Creator.

E: Mommaprenuer! Love that!
When did you become a parent, and how has that journey been for you?
T: 2016 marked the beginning of my motherhood journey. Talk about a flawless entry into motherhood only to end in such tragedy at 40 weeks gestation due to stillbirth. A heartbreak indeed. This experience was a test of my strength. I managed to heal through this experience by connecting with other women who knew my pain. After a year of grieving, I gained the courage to try again in 2018. Here we are in 2021 and I have a beautiful 3-year-old boy and a 6-month-old girl.

E: Thank you for sharing your story with us, Tyler. As you experienced when you were grieving your baby, it can be helpful for others navigating this type of pain to know they are not alone.
What is something you've discovered in becoming a mother?
T: Because of my past trauma, motherhood has given me a fond appreciation of life. I appreciate the constant laughter and love my babies show me daily. In addition to creating memorable experiences for them.

E: And what’s something that surprised you?
T: What surprises me most is how fast my babies are growing. I’m reminded constantly to love, kiss, hold and hug my babies because before I know it they won’t be this little anymore.

E: Something that’s been hard for you?
T: Sometimes when I’m driving I look in the rearview mirror and only see 2 car seats when there should be 3. There are always constant reminders of my angel baby and as much as my son and daughter bring me great joy I can never forget my first baby.

E: It’s interesting how parents parent each kid slightly differently. You didn’t cloth diaper your older son, how does that experience compare to diapering your littlest one with Esembly?
T: Diapering the second time around, I must say gives me a sense of relief. With my son, I knew I wanted to be an eco-friendly mom. I did my best by buying eco-friendly diapers. However, knowing I’m not disposing of so many diapers daily really makes me feel good about my care for the environment.

E: In addition to the money you’re saving!
T: Esembly has been a complete experience that has really set me up for success with cloth diapering. The first time around I was discouraged because I didn’t have the support. After receiving my starter kit I ensured I was keeping up with Esembly social channels to stay encouraged and stay in the loop on how to maneuver through this diapering journey.

E: We are so thrilled to hear that! What has been your favorite thing about cloth diapering since making the switch?
T: My favorite thing about cloth diapering is knowing my daughter is happy, comfortable, and healthy. But more so we haven’t experienced a blowout. I have experienced countless blowouts before switching to cloth diapers, and talk about frustration! One minute you have a baby completely dressed then boom! Changing clothes.

E: Oof, blowouts are the worst and it’s so funny that people just think it’s an evitable part of babies! Do you have any advice for others considering cloth?
T: My best advice would be to not get discouraged. Cloth diapering really is just as easy as a regular diaper. I know many instantly think about laundering but Esembly really makes the process hassle-free. Place them into the washer and follow the instructions exactly as written and all will become a routine.

E: You wear so many different hats as a Mommaprenuer. How do you balance motherhood with being a content creator?
T: I honestly think the daily life of a mother is constant content. I mean children will spark you with something new every day. As moms, we’re always looking for activities and fun things for our kids to do. So creating content just comes naturally.

E: Love that! We are so delighted that you reached out to us; we know that there are countless brands out there! How do you decide what brands you want to work with?
T: When deciding on what brands to work with I like to make sure each brand aligns with my daily life and lifestyle. I always want my tribe of followers to feel the authenticity behind my content. That I’m linking myself and my family with partnerships we can vouch for and influence naturally and organically.
Well, we are delighted to work with you.

E: Finally, as parents, we are setting an example for our children just by living our daily lives. What is something you want your child to remember about you?
T: I want my children to remember that Mommy always showed up for them, paid attention to their feelings and opinions. That mommy was a great listener and that she always strived to give the life she grew up with and better. That mommy was kind and although not perfect, always tried to do her best.