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newborn baby in esembly cloth diaper

The Ruffle Tuck

Most babies are born with the sweetest, most delicate little bird legs. It's often not long before they bulk up, but how can you get a good fit on your diapers while you wait?

If you're already using the smallest snap setting that is comfortable on your babe, and you're still left with a little gaping at the leg openings, you'll want to do what we call the "ruffle-tuck". Here's how it works: snap your Esembly Inner on your baby. But before you cover it with the Outer, take your finger and push the cotton ruffle that's around the legs inside the diaper so it plugs up the gap left by the elastic. Then put the Outer on over as usual. That simple tuck helps keep liquid-y newborn-poo from escaping while you wait for your baby's thighs to chunk up!

We shared a quick how-to video on our Instagram page: check it out!