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Customize your cloth diapers with our assortment of cloth diaper liners. They help you tackle everything from stains to solid foods to sleep!

Customize your cloth diapers with our assortment of cloth diaper liners. They help you tackle everything from stains to solid foods to sleep!

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We designed Esembly Inner and Outer cloth diapers to be customizable! What that means is we have liners to help you cloth diaper your baby through different ages and stages such a sleeping, starting solids and preventing stains!

Stay-Dry Liners
Our Stay-Dry Liners provide extra moisture-wicking and help prevent cloth diaper staining.
The super-soft fleece allows moisture (pee) to pass through the fabric into the Inner cotton cloth diaper but the fleece liner remains dry-feeling to the touch, keeping your baby extra comfy. Stay-Dry liners also prevent that colorful poop from staining your cloth diapers.
Please note: Fleece is not absorbent. If you're looking for moisture-wicking and an absorbency boost, check out our Overnighters. 

Our Overnighter boosters increase the absorbency of your baby's nighttime diaper so they can get through long sleep stretches comfortably with no leaking. Our Overnighter cloth diaper boosters are made of eight layers of thirsty organic cotton and one layer of “stay-dry” fleece to keep your baby feeling dry through the night. For heavy wetters you can layer in 2 or even 3 Overnighters.

While your baby is on a liquid diet (breastmilk and/or formula), there is no need for Tossers. Once your baby starts eating 2-3 solid meals per day, Tossers will become your new best friend. Our Tossers liners provide you with an ick-free way to remove the poop from your cloth diapers before washing. Tossers are tissue thin (they add no bulk to your cloth diaper), super soft against baby's skin and are fully biodegradable.

Stay Dry Liners
Line your cloth diaper with a fresh Stay-Dry Liner any time extra moisture-wicking layer or stain prevention is desired. 
Wash and dry Stay-Dry Liners right along with your Esembly diapers on laundry day following Esembly Wash Instructions.

Once your baby is sleeping in stretches of 6-8 hours, we recommend adding an Overnighter cloth diaper absorbency booster at night.
Simply lay an Overnighter—fleece side up, so that it’s touching baby’s skin—inside your cloth diaper then put diaper on as usual.
Wash Overnighters with your cloth diapers following Esembly Wash Instructions.

Once baby starts eating solid foods you want to remove the bulk of the poop before to washing your diapers (this is NOT necessary when baby is on breastmilk and/or formula only). Line your cloth diaper with a fresh Tosser at each diaper change. When soiled, discard the liner along with the mess its collected and wash your cloth diaper as usual.
Tossers can be discarded in the trash, or in some cases flushed down the toilet. If flushing, please note that while they are biodegradable, flushing any product (other than toilet paper) can cause blockage in some plumbing systems. Use your discretion. Tossers are not septic safe.

Stay Dry Liners:
Pack of 12
Made of 100% recycle fleece
Liners Measures 12" x 5"
Machine washable

Pack of 2
Made of 8 layers of organic cotton and 1 layer of recycled fleece
Liners Measures 12" x 5"
Machine washable

100 liners per roll
Made of 100% bamboo viscose
Liner Measures 11" x 7"
Disposable and biodegradable