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Diaper Bags

Our waterproof bags and deodorizers contain messes and odors, making day trips and storage clean and easy. Esembly bags and pouches are made of recycled fabric from post-consumer plastic bottles.

  • Day Bag

    The perfect bag for getting out with your baby and Esembly diapers. Two waterproof compartments to keep your cleans and dirties safely separate.
  • Ditty Bag

    A set of 2 waterproof sacks designed to contain diapers, wipes, and other messy baby-care necessities.
  • Pail Pouch

    A hangable waterproof bag or pail liner that holds used diapers until laundry day. 
  • Day Bag (Final Sale)

    A well-stocked wet bag is all you need to get out and about with your baby and Esembly diapers.
  • Petite Pouch (Final Sale)

    A tiny waterproof pouch for keeping cloth wipes, snacks and other kid-care essentials handy.
  • Subscribe and Save

    Pail Deodorant

    A shakable powder deodorizer that keeps things fresh until laundry day. 
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